2008 Cardolite M. T. Harvey Award Winners – The “Zhuhai Start-up Team”

The Zhuahi plant of Cardolite Corporation has gone from just an idea in 2002 to today being the largest plant in the world of cashew nutshell liquid derivatives. Since it really only began significant production in 2004, the team at Zhuhai has accomplished this in 5 short years. Along the way in these 5 years, the scope of the plant was not only greatly expanded, but significant additional capacity was added. This type of growth, naturally, had some growing pains along the way, but, overall, our major customers were perfectly serviced as they also grew exponentially. The magnitude of the task cannot be underestimated. The “Zhuhai Start-up Team” not only had to construct a plant where only empty land stood, but had to develop internal management systems and hire people. Over 100 people now work at Zhuhai.

Although it is hard to draw the line in identifying those individuals that accomplished this feat, the award committee chose to limit it to those who were there in the early days and/or provided essential guidance to the development of the plant. Therefore, the group is:

  • Sun, Yanfei
  • Chen, Jiangbo
  • Dong, Haibo
  • Zhou, Guilian
  • Han, Rongping
  • Zhang, Guangya
  • Dai, Zhisheng (Jim)
  • Li, Jiuyao (David)
  • Stonis, Tim
  • Guo, Minghong

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