2013 Cardolite M. T. Harvey Award Winner – Nelson Espinosa

Cardolite Corporation is pleased to present the 2013 M.T. Harvey Award for innovative commercial advancement in cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) technology to Nelson Espinosa, Technical Manager of Protective Coatings and Marine at Sherwin-Williams Chile S.A. Nelson has a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Chile and a Master’s Degree in Corrosion and Materials Resistance, also from the University of Chile. He was hired by Sherwin-Williams 20 years ago and has specialized in the development of protective and marine coatings. He has developed many of the products currently being sold to and used by the Chilean and Andean markets. He is considered and recognized by his peers as one of the leading protective and marine coatings chemists in Chile.

Nelson learned about phenalkamine technology several years ago. He was aware of the benefits the technology provides in terms of corrosion protection & low temp cure, but was dissuaded to use the products because of their color issues. Phenalkamide technology changed the negative aspects tied to phenalkamines yet gave the exact same protection. Also, he found that phenalkamides had more versatility when it came to potentially replacing other technologies like polyamine and polyamides. The fact that he could tailor a product to work at high humidity and low temperature without sacrificing mechanical or physical properties was of high benefit. He also found the technology to be price competitive at a higher performance level. He feels that phenalkamides could potentially replace polyamides in the near future as they bring more benefits to chemists.

Like all innovators, Nelson took risk with phenalkamide technology. He has a willingness to test new things which is the only way to bring change and improvement to an industry.

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