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New LITE 3025 Phenalkamide for Heavy Duty Coatings and Industrial Adhesives

LITE 3025 is a solvent free phenalkamide for cost-effective, medium and high solids heavy duty epoxy coatings. This new curing agent was specially designed to protect surfaces from highly corrosive environments and harsh atmospheric conditions. When used in protective coating formulations, this product offers similar properties to medium molecular weight polyamides, but with the additional […]

NX-8101 – The First CNSL Curing Agent for Waterborne Epoxies

Cardolite is introducing NX-8101, the first CNSL curing agent for waterborne epoxy coatings. NX-8101 is designed for cost effective water-based primers and self-levelers for concrete and metal applications that require quick return to service, excellent adhesion to substrates and top coats, and superior durability. This new low odor epoxy curing agent is supplied in water […]

..Ultra LITE 2009 – Beautiful floors for many years to come!

Cardolite continues to pioneer the development of CNSL based materials with properties that were once unimaginable. Ultra LITE 2009 is the first phenalkamine in the market with Gardner color ≤ 1, ideal for floor top coats of all hues and shades. This curing agent is very low viscosity for use in low emission coatings that […]

2013 Cardolite M. T. Harvey Award Winner – Nelson Espinosa

Cardolite Corporation is pleased to present the 2013 M.T. Harvey Award for innovative commercial advancement in cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) technology to Nelson Espinosa, Technical Manager of Protective Coatings and Marine at Sherwin-Williams Chile S.A. Nelson has a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Chile and a Master’s Degree in Corrosion and Materials Resistance, […]

2011 Cardolite M. T. Harvey Award Winner – Dr. Jeffery H. Banning

Cardolite Corporation is pleased to present the 2011 M.T. Harvey Award for innovative commercial advancement in cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) technology to Dr. Jeffery H. Banning, Principal Scientist and Xerox Fellow in the Consumables Development & Manufacturing Group (CDMG) at Xerox Corporation. In 2001, Dr. Banning was challenged to develop a new Cyan for use […]

2010 Cardolite M. T. Harvey Award Winners – Mr. Shigeru Shinoda, Mr. Masayoshi Daio, Mr. Hideki Ishida, Mr. Tetsuji Kawazura

While working as a team at Yokohama Rubber Co in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the group developed a bead filler compound for high performance tires based on polymerized cardanol. Cashew based products were already being used to improve bleeding on the surface of green rubber, but the cardanol based product gave an extremely […]

2007 Cardolite M. T. Harvey Award Winner – Joseph Formolo

Since the early 80’s, Joseph Formolo has been a formulator with the currently named Railroad Friction Products. Joseph is responsible for many innovations in his formulae using CNSL. He has continually increased the amount and number of CNSL based products used in friction material for railroad braking. Examples of the specific performance he has achieved […]

2006 Cardolite M. T. Harvey Award Winner – Angel Soto

Angel has worked in various capacities in the production organization of Cardolite since joining in 1989. Cardolite experienced tremendous growth during the time, and Angel’s leadership of the production activities consistently supported the huge volume expansion while also increasing productivity. He lead innovations in friction particle production (a semi-continuous process) and cashew distillation (light color) […]