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  • LITE 3025 Phenalkamide Curing Agent

    ImageLITE 3025 is a new solvent free phenalkamide for cost-effective, medium and high solids heavy-duty epoxy coatings. It is specially designed to protect surfaces from highly corrosive environments and has "drop in" compatibility with existing polyamide systems.

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  • NX-8101 Waterborne Curing Agent

    ImageNX-8101 is the first CNSL curing agent for waterborne epoxy coatings. It is designed for cost effective water-based concrete primers and self-levelers that require quick return to service, excellent adhesion to concrete and top coats, and superior durability.

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  • Beautiful Floors Using Ultra LITE 2009!

    ImageCardolite continues to pioneer the development of CNSL based materials with properties that were once unimaginable. Ultra LITE 2009 is the first phenalkamine in the market with Gardner color ≤ 1, ideal for floor top coats of all hues and shades.
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  • North African Coatings Congress (NACC) 2016

    Sample imageCardolite will give a presentation on NX-8101 - The first CNSL curing agent for waterborne epoxies, at the NACC 2016 to be held on October 12-13 in Casablanca, Morocco. Please stop by our presentation at 10:00am on the 13th to learn more about how CNSL technology can help the formulation of waterborne coatings.

  • 2016 China Composites Show

    Sample imageCardolite will be introducing the FormuLITE product line for composite applications at the 2016 China Composites Show on August 31-September 2, in Shanghai, China. Please visit us at booth #2227, Hall #2 and attend our technical seminar on September 1st at 10am to hear more about renewable two component epoxy systems for various composite processes.

  • World Adhesive & Sealant Conference

    Sample imageCardolite will be presenting the benefits of CNSL epoxy curing agents and polyols in adhesive applications at the World Adhesive & Sealant Conference (WAC 2016) to be held on October 25-28 in Tokyo, Japan. Please come see our presentation on October 27 and also visit our booth #14 to hear more about our product offering and technology.