waterborne curing agents

Waterborne Solutions for Zero and Low V.O.C. Epoxy Systems

Cardolite’s waterborne curing agents enable high performing epoxy coatings and adhesives with performance similar to solvent-borne counterparts.

Cardolite - polyols and diols

High Biocontent Polyurethane Polyols

Cardolite’s CNSL polyols and diols designed for adhesives, coatings and foams, provide excellent water resistance, hydrolytic stability, reactivity and flexibility with the additional benefit of being renewable and non-toxic.

cardanol grade epoxy systems

Safer Replacements for Nonyl Phenol

Cardolite’s cardanol grades are excellent non-toxic alternatives to nonyl phenol as accelerators for epoxy-amine reactions, diluents for epoxy systems and building blocks for polymers.


Phenalkamide Curing Agent Products from Cardolite


Cardolite phenalkamines are made through the Mannich reaction of cardanol, formaldehyde, and certain amines. The NX-8000 Series waterborne line of curing agents enables zero and low V.O.C. epoxy coatings with solvent-like performance. Cardolite’s comprehensive polyamide offering includes standard, well-proven grades and some specialty formulations.

cardolite epoxy resins


Cardolite offers a unique line of cardanol-based epoxy resins, diluents, and modifiers that provide formulators with valuable tools to meet certain target properties. Our resin and modifier portfolio is comprised of reactive and non-reactive epoxy diluents and multi-purpose modifiers that lower viscosity and improves anti-corrosion.

Cardolite polyols and diols can be formulated in polyurethane coatings and adhesives


Cardolite offers a line of renewable, cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) based polyols that have unique qualities compared to widely known polyester and polyether polyols, and other natural oil based polyols. CNSL polyols are very hydrophobic because of the long aliphatic chain of cardanol, and fewer ether oxygen atoms compared to typical polyether polyols (less hydrophilic).

performance coatings and adhesives


Blocked isocyanate technology allows 1K polyurethane and 1K/2K epoxy systems to achieve safer processes and higher performance coatings and adhesives. Key improvements include reduced free isocyanates and extended storage stability, specially for one component formulations, by minimizing moisture sensitivity through capping the isocyanate. 

Renewable, CNSL type, high biocontent diluents and resins


Cardolite offers hydroxyl functional CNSL-based diluents for polyurethane applications. These diluents provide similar benefits to other CNSL-based materials such as high hydrophobicity and increased flexibility. The hydrophobicity results in lower moisture and water sensitivity during cure and the lifetime of the polyurethane. These materials are also high in bio-content and help lower viscosity and VOC of the final system. They are suitable for use in various polyurethane formulations such as coatings, adhesives, and foams.

high performance specialty chemicals


Cardolite offers a variety of cardanol grades that can be used as building blocks in high performance specialty chemicals. Cardanol is a versatile molecule that can be functionalized in many different ways on the phenolic OH, aromatic ring and double bonds of the long aliphatic side chain. 

Cardolite offers friction materials for high performance brake pads, train blocks, drum linings


Cardolite is a leading producer of high performance cashew based friction materials used in the OEM and aftermarket automotive (car, bus, truck, motorcycle) and rail brake industries.

Cardolite offers a wide range of brown and black friction particles and cashew nutshell liquid binder resins.

Surfactants based on CNSL are a good alternative to nonyl phenol ethoxylates


Ethoxylated cardanol surfactants are good alternatives to nonyl phenol ethoxylates (NPEs) or alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEs), which are widely used in industrial products and home care and consumer goods. Cardolite offers a variety of grades based on different number of EO moles.

FormuLITE amine-cured epoxy systems


FormuLITE amine-cured epoxy systems are specially designed for composite manufacturers that want a ready-to-use, high performance bio-based resin matrix. In the FormuLITE composite epoxy line, both the resin and the amine hardener are made from high amounts of renewable resources that include cashew nutshell liquid.