UTECH Europe Exhibition and Conference (May 29-31, 2018)

Cardolite will be presenting its comprehensive line of cardanol-based polyols and their use in rigid polyurethane foams at the UTECH Europe Conference being held in Maastricht, Netherlands on May 29-31, 2018. In addition, information will be available at our stand on cardanol-based polyols, diols, and NCO blocking agents for various CASE applications. Please visit us at stand 1022 to learn more about our label and formulation friendly products for polyurethane applications.


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MAY 17, 2018 – ‘’Bio-based Material of the Year 2018’’ – NX-2026 Awarded Silver Medal

We are very proud to share that NX-2026 was chosen as the second place winner for the award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2018” at the International Conference on Bio-based Materials organized by the Nova Institute (Germany). NX-2026 is an ultra-high purity 3-pentadeca-dienyl-phenol recently developed by Cardolite through advanced proprietary process technology. 3-pentadeca-dienyl-phenol is the main component distilled from cashew nutshell liquid, a renewable and non-edible resin extracted from the honeycomb structure of the cashew nut. NX-2026 has been successfully introduced to the coating and adhesive markets as a non-toxic isocyanate (NCO) blocking agent that is a suitable replacement for petrochemical phenols. NCO systems blocked with NX-2026 provide lower viscosity and deblocking temperature than equivalent systems blocked with phenols. Moreover, NX-2026 blocked NCO prepolymers can be used in 2K epoxy systems to improve bond and T-peel strengths while maintaining good cure properties.

For more information about this award winning technology, please select NX-2026 Blocking Technology

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