NX-9014 – Low Viscosity and Weatherable Polyol

Beautiful floors possible with Cardolite products

NX-9014 Polyol Benefits and Applications

Our NX-9014 Polyol is a great solution for coatings and adhesive applications that require protection and aesthetics in one product. This new polyol provides low viscosity, good weatherability, and excellent bonding properties for high performing coatings and adhesives.

Coatings based on NX-9014 are suitable for top coats due to their low color and good resistance to UV exposure (non-yellowing). Adhesives based on NX-9014 deliver high tensile strength and hardness while still maintaining good elongation. These systems show excellent bond strength to metals including challenging substrates like aluminum. All these combined properties make NX-9014 very versatile and allow this polyol to be used across multiple applications.

NX-9014 technical data sheet and safety data sheets are available through our Polyols and Diols page.

Beautiful floors possible with Cardolite products

Broad Polyol Offering

NX-9014 joins other high performance polyols in our product offering. Depending on the application, Cardolite can offer specific solutions that include very high mechanical strength, high levels of hydrophobicity, and excellent chemical resistance amongst others.

Most of Cardolite polyols and diols derive from renewable, cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL). CNSL derivatives present unique qualities compared to widely known polyester and polyether polyols, and other natural oil based polyols. These products are very hydrophobic in nature and therefore provide excellent water resistance and less moisture sensitivity during cure with isocyanate. That results in increased durability and performance of the final polyurethane system. In addition, CNSL polyols and diols show fast cure with isocyanates minimizing the amount of catalysts required and allowing for quick return-to-service.

Different from other renewable polyols obtained from soy and castor oil, CNSL polyols have an aromatic structure that translates into excellent thermal resistance and chemical resistance to acid and alkaline solutions. Moreover, the combination of aromaticity and long aliphatic chain delivers hydrolytic stability and mechanical strength to CNSL based systems.

Please visit our Polyols and Diols page for more information on NX-9014 and other polyols in our offering.

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