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SAE Brake Colloquium (October 14-17)

Cardolite will be exhibiting at the 36th SAE Brake Colloquium in Palm Desert, California on October 14-17, 2018. Cardolite offers a wide variety of friction particles and resins for automotive disc brake pads and drum brake linings that reduce overall hardness, improve compressibility, reduce wear, dampen noise, and help control friction coefficient and thermal conductivity. […]

CPI 2018 – Polyurethane Technical Conference (October 1-3, 2018)

The 61st annual Polyurethanes technical conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 1-3, 2018. Cardolite is scheduled to present a paper titled “Eco-friendly Isocyanate Blocking Agent, Cardanol: Deblocking Performances and Methods to Optimize Deblocking Temperature” that shows how this innovative technology can replace existing products that carry health and environmental concerns. In the […]

2018 China International Adhesive and Sealant Conference and Exhibition (September 17-21, 2018)

Cardolite will be promoting its CNSL-based product lines at the 2018 China Adhesive Conference and Exhibition being held in Shanghai, China on September 17-19. At the technical conference, Cardolite will share updates on CNSL-based isocyanate blocking agent technology and its various applications. At the 3-day exhibition, Cardolite will have technical experts available at the booth […]

PU CHINA 2018 (August 1-3, 2018)

Cardolite will be presenting the benefits of its comprehensive line of cardanol-based diols, polyols, and NCO blocking agent at PU China 2018, in Shanghai, on August 1-3, 2018. Detailed information about our products including performance data in adhesives, coatings, and rigid/flexible polyurethane foam applications will also be available at our stand. Please visit us at […]

UTECH Europe Exhibition and Conference (May 29-31, 2018)

Cardolite will be presenting its comprehensive line of cardanol-based polyols and their use in rigid polyurethane foams at the UTECH Europe Conference being held in Maastricht, Netherlands on May 29-31, 2018. In addition, information will be available at our stand on cardanol-based polyols, diols, and NCO blocking agents for various CASE applications. Please visit us […]

MAY 17, 2018 – ‘’Bio-based Material of the Year 2018’’ – NX-2026 Awarded Silver Medal

We are very proud to share that NX-2026 was chosen as the second place winner for the award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2018” at the International Conference on Bio-based Materials organized by the Nova Institute (Germany). NX-2026 is an ultra-high purity 3-pentadeca-dienyl-phenol recently developed by Cardolite through advanced proprietary process technology. 3-pentadeca-dienyl-phenol is the main […]

APRIL 27, 2018 – NX-2026 Nominated for Innovation Award ‘’Bio-based Material of the Year 2018’’

We are proud to announce Cardolite’s NX-2026 has been nominated for the Innovation Award ‘’Bio-based Material of the Year 2018’’. NX-2026 is an ultra-high purity 3-pentadeca-dienyl-phenol recently developed by Cardolite through advanced proprietary process technology. 3-pentadeca-dienyl-phenol is the main component distilled from cashew nutshell liquid, a renewable and non-edible resin extracted from the honeycomb structure of […]

Adhesives and Sealant Council Conference and EXPO (April 23-25, 2018)

Cardolite will be promoting newly developed diols, epoxy curing agents, and CNSL modifiers for adhesives and sealants applications at the ASC convention in Miami, Florida on April 23-25, 2018. In particular, Cardolite will introduce epoxy diluent and modifiers with very low total chlorine and halogen content that are suitable for electronics adhesives. Please visit us […]

American Coatings Show (April 9-12, 2018)

Cardolite will be promoting several recently developed epoxy hardeners, epoxy modifiers and polyol resins at the American Coatings Show and Conference being held in Indianapolis, USA on April 9-12, 2018. Amongst some of the products being introduced are Ultra LITE color materials with excellent color stability, new high solids options for protective coatings, CNSL-based polyols […]

TRFA Annual Meeting (March 11-13, 2018)

We are pleased to be selected to present a paper at the TRFA 2018 annual meeting, to be held on March 11-13 in Nashville, Tennessee. The technical paper titled “CNSL technology as a versatile tool for Polyurethanes: Non-toxic isocyanate blocking agent and outstanding hydrophobicity” will be given by Dr. Yun Mi Kim and will cover […]