Cardolite Introduces New CNSL Technologies for Adhesives at Conferences Around the Globe

Cardolite will be promoting new CNSL-based technologies for multiple adhesives and sealants applications at conferences around the world. Our products are suitable for building and construction, automotive, transportation and industrial type adhesives that look for sustainable solutions without compromising performance. As always, our technical experts are available to guide customers in their transition to renewable, CNSL chemistry. Moreover, our papers contain useful formulation and performance data as reference. To learn more, please connect with us at conferences or through the inquiry form on this site.

CNSL adhesive technology for windmills and windblades

in-adhesives (Feb 18-19, 2020)

The in-adhesives conference will take place on February 19th, 2020 in Munich, Germany. Cardolite will be presenting a paper titled “Introduction of various new CNSL derivatives for adhesive applications”. Our paper will feature newly designed molecules based on renewable, Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL) technology. These products can be used in UV cure, 3D printing, adhesion enhancement and waterborne technology. Hence, please stop by our presentation to learn more about innovative solutions from Cardolite. Our technical team will be available to answer any questions throughout the conference. Also, please visit this link for more information on CNSL technology.

CNSL technology for construction adhesive applications

Adhesion society 43rdAnnual meeting (Feb 23-26, 2020)

The 2020 Adhesion Society Annual Meeting is taking place on February 23–26 in Charleston, South Carolina. The conference will include technical sessions, short courses and an exhibition for the adhesive and sealant community. In order to contribute to the conversation, Cardolite is scheduled to present a paper titled “Cashew Nutshell Liquid epoxy curing agents and resins: Outstanding performances of durability, chemical resistance  and bond strength” on February 25, 2018.  Besides attending our talk, we kindly ask that you visit our booth, #16, for an in-depth discussion on CNSL technology and potential solutions to your challenging projects.

For more information on CNSL epoxy curing agent technology please visit this link. For more information on CNSL epoxy technology please visit this link.

CNSL adhesives for use in automotive and transportation adhesives

WAC 2020: World adhesive and sealant conference (April 20-22, 2020)

The world adhesive & sealant conference and exhibition will take place in Chicago on April 20-22, 2020. This international event is an important forum for stakeholders in the adhesive and sealant industry worldwide. Therefore, global adhesive and sealant experts will meet to discuss new technologies that can advance the use of adhesives and sealants in various industries. Additionally, Cardolite’s sales and technical representatives from the US and Europe will be there to help answer any questions. Thus, please stop by our booth, #326, to learn more about our new products and new chemistries. Moreover, please visit our markets page to learn more about our CNSL offering for adhesive applications.

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