NX-9212 – New Light Color CNSL Diol

CNSL based diols provide excellent resistance to aqueous solutionsBIOBASED WITH EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE

Cardolite is pleased to launch NX-9212 which is a new polyether diol derived from cashew nutshell liquid. NX-9212 is low in viscosity enabling low or zero VOC polyurethanes and ease of handling.  This diol is also light in color (Gardner color <=5) suitable for formulating UV resistance systems. As experienced with other CNSL diols, NX-9212 demonstrated good compatibility with various polyurethane ingredients including other diols such as polybutadiene diol (up to 50% blends). NX-9212 is recommended for use in prepolymer preparation with either aliphatic or aromatic isocyanates. Polyurethanes based on NX-9212 show excellent hydrolytic stability, low moisture sensitivity (hydrophobicity), and high elongation. All these properties combined make NX-9212 a great option for use in 1K polyurethanes, TPU, PUD, and other applications. This diol may also be formulated as co-binder in 2K polyurethanes. NX-9212 technical data sheet and safety data sheets are available through our Polyols and Diols


Renewable, CNSL type, high biocontent diluents for polyurethanesCardolite offers a comprehensive polyol and diol product line with most materials having renewable content from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL). Those materials  deliver unique performance compared to widely known polyester and polyether polyols, and other natural oil based polyols.

Many properties are inherited from the CNSL backbone. The long aliphatic side chain brings in hydrophobicity which translates into low moisture sensitivity during cure with isocyanate. The aromatic ring provides fire and thermal resistance, as well as chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability. The combination of aromatic and aliphatic content promotes a good balance in mechanical properties and reactivity. Moreover, CNSL-based polyols and diols can be designed and functionalized to achieve a wide range of properties according to end-use applications.

Cardolite renewable polyols and diols are suitable for one- and two-component polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants, elastomers and rigid and flexible foams. To learn more, please visit our polyols and diols technology page or product line page.

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