Cardolite Introduces New Products at Chinacoat

CNSL adhesives for use in automotive and transportation adhesives2020 ChinaCoat Exhibition ( Dec. 8-10, 2020)

Cardolite will be exhibiting at ChinaCoat being held in Guangzhou on Dec. 8-10, 2020. For over 35 years, Cardolite has been supplying a large variety of epoxy curing agents, epoxy and polyol resins and diluents suitable for protective and industrial coatings amongst other applications. These products deliver improved corrosion protection, good chemical resistance and excellent reactivity to formulations. At the show, our technical and sales teams will be available to discuss our current offering for epoxy, polyurethane, and other specialty coatings as well as new products launches. New products being featured at Chinacoat include waterborne and solvent free epoxy curing agents that meet recent VOC and market demands. Moreover, new polyols designed for applications requiring excellent color stability, hardness and mechanical properties will be promoted. Please drop by booth 2.1H16 to learn more about our latest offering!

TecCNSL products from Cardolite enable coatings with lower VOC and high bio-contenthnical Seminar (11:20 – 12:10, Dec. 9, 2020)

Stringent government regulations to reduce volatile organic emissions (V.O.C.) have helped drive the development of solvent free and water-based epoxy coatings. At the conference, Cardolite will give a paper on our novel solutions to achieve ultra low VOC while keeping high performance in protective epoxy coatings. 

Title: “Novel CNSL-based Solvent free Curing Agents designed for high-performance and Ultra low VOC protective epoxy coatings”

Abstract: “Cardolite has developed a series of solvent free (SF) and low viscosity epoxy curing agents based on new phenalkamine and phenalkamide technologies. Those novel SF curing agents work well with low viscosity epoxy resins to formulate low VOC primer systems that could provide excellent performance such as ease of application, fast cure at low temperatures, superb adhesion to different metal substrates, and good long-term corrosion protection. This talk will present performance test results of new SF curing agents in typical formulations for high-performance protective coatings.”

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