FEB 21, 2018 – CNSL Webinar: Versatile tools for high performance epoxy adhesives

Scientists rely on various tools to develop adhesives that can help them meet new customer requirements. Recent industry product demands including zero VOC, label-friendly, easy of handling, durability, and sustainability, are very challenging items to satisfy. Cardolite innovative CNSL-based technology is offering solutions that allow formulators to overcome these challenges.

Cashew NutShell Liquid renewable technology does not interfere with the food chain. CNSL-based epoxy curing agents, known as phenalkamines and phenalkamides, are best suited for structural adhesives that are environmentally-friendly while delivering fast strength development at adverse conditions, durability under water, and chemical or high/low temperature exposure resistance. CNSL-based epoxy modifiers and diluents are also excellent solutions for improving hydrophobicity, bond strength, and flexibility of adhesive systems.

Please click on the Specialchem link below to hear about recent breakthroughs on CNSL derived technologies and learn about new products that can solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Link to Specialchem webinar

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