Cardolite offers low VOC products for coatings

Cardolite Promotes New Products at the American Coatings Shows

Cardolite will be launching new bio-based products for epoxy and polyurethane coatings suitable for flooring and metal corrosion protection at the American Coatings Show.

Waterborne CNSL based curing agents for Low VOC epoxy systems

Cardolite Launches NX-8402 – New Waterborne Curing Agent

New NX-8402 waterborne curing agent for epoxy systems provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection to multiple susbtrates.

Renewable, CNSL type, high biocontent diluents and resins

NX-9212 – New Light Color Renewable Diol

NX-9212 is a biobased polyether diol that offers low viscosity, light color, and good hydrolytic stability. This diol is suitable for prepolymer making, 1k and 2k polyurethanes.

waterborne epoxy curing agents

NX-8501 – Corrosion Protection with Waterborne Technology

NX-8501 is a waterborne curing agent for epoxy coatings and adhesives. This completely solvent free hardener enables zero and low VOC formulations without compromising performance. NX-8501 is a solution-type curing agent supplied at 80% solids in water.

NX-9014 Polyol is a great option for floor coatings

NX-9014 – Weatherable, Low Viscosity Polyol

NX-9014 Polyol is a great solution for coatings and adhesive applications that require protection and aesthetics in one product. This new polyol provides low viscosity, good weatherability, and excellent bonding properties for high performing coatings and adhesives.

Cardolite - polyols and diols

NX-2026 Life Cycle Analysis Results

Specialty cardanol grade, NX-2026, showed favorable results compared to petro-based counterpart in a recent life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted by the nova-Institut in Germany. LCA is a process to evaluate and quantify the environmental burdens associated with a product, process, or activity by identifying and quantifying energy and materials used and wastes released to the environment during their life cycle.

A cradle-to-gate scenario (cultivation of cashew trees to factory gate) showed that the use of NX-2026 instead of nonyl phenol significantly reduces Global Warming Potential due to the uptake of CO2 by cashew trees. NX-2026 also showed lower abiotic depletion potential of fossil fuels than nonyl phenol.

For more information please visit the CNSL technology page.

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Beautiful floors possible with Cardolite products

NX-9011 – New High Strength and Flexible Polyol

Cardolite is launching a new high strength polyol named NX-9011. This polyol provides high tensile strength and hardness as well as good elongation. This combination of properties enables the design of tough polyurethane coatings and adhesives. NX-9011 also offers good reactivity and UV resistance.

For more information on NX-9011 and other polyols in our offering, please visit our polyols and diols page.

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Agoria Solar Team Wins the World Solar Challenge

Congratulations to the Agoria Solar team! They won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia on Oct 17, 2019. They competed against 44 teams representing 22 countries. During the 3021 km race from Darwin to Adelaide #Bluepoint solar car was the fastest and most reliable car! We are proud of them and happy to have contributed to this great achievement with our products.

For more information about the Agoria Solar Team please visit their site at 

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LITE 5262 Enables Low VOC Epoxy Coatings

LITE 5262 is enabling a new line of high-performing, low-VOC, marine and protective epoxy coatings. This new phenalkamine has very high solids content (less than 5% solvent!), is low in viscosity and provides excellent cure profile and anticorrosion properties. LITE 5262 delivers very fast cure even at low temperatures, fast hardness development, excellent adhesion to various substrates and the same level of corrosion protection as encounter in superior quality coatings, but at much lower VOC.

For more information about this new product, please visit our epoxy curing agent selector guide Epoxy Curing Agents

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Cardolite Opens a New Corporate Headquarters

Cardolite has recently celebrated the grand opening of its new Corporate Headquarters located in Bristol, PA. The 3-acre complex is the new home for all key business functions including Global Research and Development and Technical Service as well as administrative offices for corporate finance, customer service, regulatory, quality and marketing. Key features include newly constructed, state-of-art laboratories and a 30,000 sqft climate-controlled warehouse.

Cardolite’s Bristol Corporate headquarters are the world’s largest research and development center focused on derivatives from renewable, non-food chain Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL). Cardolite uses cutting-edge process technology to purify and functionalize CNSL to offer unprecedented, sustainable solutions to the coatings, adhesives, composites, automotive and foam industries. This new facility demonstrates Cardolite’s commitment to innovation in the growing market for high-performance low-carbon-footprint alternatives to petrochemicals.

For more information about Cardolite’s sites around the world please visit our Locations page

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