..Ultra LITE 2009 – Beautiful floors for many years to come!

Cardolite continues to pioneer the development of CNSL based materials with properties that were once unimaginable. Ultra LITE 2009 is the first phenalkamine in the market with Gardner color ≤ 1, ideal for floor top coats of all hues and shades. This curing agent is very low viscosity for use in low emission coatings that provide protection, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Ultra LITE 2009 is formulation-friendly with non-critical use levels, 95 AHEW to enable traditional packaging ratios, and excellent compatibility with different types of epoxy resins.

Coatings based on Ultra LITE 2009 have excellent UV resistance providing good color and gloss retention even when exposed to harsh environments. Contractors can apply Ultra LITE 2009 products under high humidity and low temperature conditions and still deliver a beautiful floor coating with outstanding adhesion to concrete and primers. Ultra LITE 2009 delivers long-lasting floors resistant to moisture, water and chemicals soon after installation. Moreover, formulators can take advantage of Ultra LITE 2009’s good self-leveling properties to reduce the number of coating layers required in a project or to use the same curing agent for the self-leveler and top coat.

To learn more specifics about Ultra LITE 2009, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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