Waterborne technology with CNSL derivatives

NX-8101 – The First CNSL Curing Agent for Waterborne Epoxies

Cardolite is introducing NX-8101, the first CNSL curing agent for waterborne epoxy coatings. NX-8101 is designed for cost effective water-based primers and self-levelers for concrete and metal applications that require quick return to service, excellent adhesion to substrates and top coats, and superior durability. This new low odor epoxy curing agent is supplied in water and does not contain or require any solvents in the formulation to deliver excellent performance.

NX-8101 offers wide formulation latitude. Coatings based on NX-8101 can be pigmented on both amine and epoxy sides, do not demand emulsifiers, and are easily reducible in water. The lower admix viscosity permits higher filler loading, which results in lower cost systems.

Primers and self-levelers formulated with NX-8101 exhibit fast cure, early walk-on hardness, and excellent film appearance at extreme conditions such as 10°C and 80% relative humidity while still maintaining a workable pot life. Unlike many water-based systems, NX-8101 provides a visible end of pot life by a noticeable increase in viscosity. Moreover, NX-8101 based coatings have excellent adhesion to dry and wet concrete and various metals, providing excellent corrosion protection and good stain resistance to household and industrial chemicals.

To learn more specifics about NX-8101, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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