Beautiful floors with Cardolite products

FEB 23, 2017 – Beautiful Floors, Now Faster with UL 2009H

Cardolite is introducing Ultra LITE 2009H, a new epoxy curing agent with very fast hardness development for projects that require quick turnaround. Ultra LITE 2009H retains the excellent properties of Ultra LITE 2009, but provides faster cure and hardness buildup at ambient and lower temperature conditions. As a result, epoxy coatings based on Ultra LITE 2009H offer early walk-on times even under unfavorable weather conditions.

Ultra LITE 2009H is very light in color (Gardner 1) and suitable for use in clears and pigmented formulations of all hues and shades. The excellent yellowing resistance and gloss retention of this product make it ideal for use in top coats where initial and long-term appearances are important. Formulators will experience good latitude incorporating Ultra LITE 2009H in their systems due to the very low viscosity, good leveling properties, and package-friendly mix ratio (95 AHEW) of this curing agent. Moreover, the advantages of coatings formulated with Ultra LITE 2009H go beyond aesthetics as this product also delivers very good resistance to moisture, water and chemical spills for long-lasting floors.

To learn more about Ultra LITE 2009H, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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