MAR 9, 2017 – NX-9008 – High Strength Polyol

Cardolite has developed NX-9008, a new multifunctional CNSL-based polyol that delivers high tensile strength, and excellent bond strength on various substrates including steel, aluminum, composites and plastics. NX-9008 offers high glass transition temperature of close to 100°C when cured with polymeric MDI, and provides excellent water resistance that originates from the CNSL backbone.

NX-9008 is suitable for use in polyurethane structural adhesives (e.g. windmill OEM), polyurethane pottings, and high strength polyurethane foams and composites. NX-9008 is an excellent candidate for formulators looking for a polyol that can perform like an epoxy with the added benefits of faster cure and increased flexibility.

To learn more about NX-9008, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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