FEB 21, 2018 – CNSL Webinar: Versatile tools for high performance epoxy adhesives

Scientists rely on various tools to develop adhesives that can help them meet new customer requirements. Recent industry product demands including zero VOC, label-friendly, easy of handling, durability, and sustainability, are very challenging items to satisfy. Cardolite innovative CNSL-based technology is offering solutions that allow formulators to overcome these challenges.

Cashew NutShell Liquid renewable technology does not interfere with the food chain. CNSL-based epoxy curing agents, known as phenalkamines and phenalkamides, are best suited for structural adhesives that are environmentally-friendly while delivering fast strength development at adverse conditions, durability under water, and chemical or high/low temperature exposure resistance. CNSL-based epoxy modifiers and diluents are also excellent solutions for improving hydrophobicity, bond strength, and flexibility of adhesive systems.

Please click on the Specialchem link below to hear about recent breakthroughs on CNSL derived technologies and learn about new products that can solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

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waterborne epoxy curing agents

DEC 20, 2017 – NX-8401 Is Here to Solve Your Waterborne Epoxy Problems!

Cardolite is introducing a new waterborne, emulsion-type curing agent for epoxy coatings. NX-8401 is completely free of solvent, low viscosity and easily reducible with water allowing the formulation of zero and very low V.O.C. coatings. The excellent compatibility of NX-8401 with various epoxy dispersions and its ability to easily disperse pigments and fillers give coatings scientists wide latitude to formulate high performance waterborne epoxy coatings.

NX-8401 was specially designed for anticorrosion coatings applications that require long lasting substrate protection. Coatings based on NX-8401 provide superior corrosion protection even at thin film thickness with excellent adhesion to various types substrates such as blasted and cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and concrete. These coatings can be quickly recoated with typical topcoat technologies such as acrylics and polyurethanes in room temperature or baked cure applications. The fast development of good anticorrosion properties after short cure cycles enables fast productivity and cost savings. Moreover, the fast recoatability does not come at the price of workability. On the contrary, coatings based on NX-8401 are of long pot life regardless of the epoxy dispersion used lowering risks of failure in the field.

Additional benefits of NX-8401 include increased flexibility and improved color retention for formulators considering epoxy waterborne coatings as an option for topcoats. To learn more about the performance of NX-8401 please visit our waterborne technology page.

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Cardolite offers high performance products for electronics applications

NOV 20, 2017 – LITE 513E – New Diluent for Electronic Applications

Cardolite is introducing LITE 513E, the first epoxy-functional, cardanol-based diluent with low total chlorine/halogen content (≤ 1000ppm). LITE 513E is a low color, low viscosity, monofunctional epoxy reactive diluent designed to meet the stringent performance needs of electronics and electrical applications such as adhesives, potting, and encapsulation while still maintaining the desirable properties of the NC-513 family.

LITE 513E’s very low viscosity enables solvent-free formulations with enhanced workability and reduced shrinkage without compromising performance properties. The long hydrophobic aliphatic side chain inherited from cardanol, provides moisture resistance and water resistance as well as balanced mechanical properties.

As with other NC-513 diluents, LITE 513E reduces exotherm of epoxy-amine reactions, lengthens thermal shock cycles, and increases flexibility and bond strength of the system to protect the integrity of electrical and electronic components. Moreover, studies have shown that the NC-513 product family deliver excellent resistance against highly corrosive chemicals and adverse conditions including wet and saline environments.

LITE 513E is a natural choice for formulators that look for performance and sustainability in one product. The combination of high biocontent from distilled cashew nutshell liquid (cardanol), a non-edible and annually renewable building block, and excellent properties at low viscosity, enable high performing and label-friendly, solvent-free epoxy systems. For more information, please visit the electronics adhesives page.

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MAR 9, 2017 – NX-9008 – High Strength Polyol

Cardolite has developed NX-9008, a new multifunctional CNSL-based polyol that delivers high tensile strength, and excellent bond strength on various substrates including steel, aluminum, composites and plastics. NX-9008 offers high glass transition temperature of close to 100°C when cured with polymeric MDI, and provides excellent water resistance that originates from the CNSL backbone.

NX-9008 is suitable for use in polyurethane structural adhesives (e.g. windmill OEM), polyurethane pottings, and high strength polyurethane foams and composites. NX-9008 is an excellent candidate for formulators looking for a polyol that can perform like an epoxy with the added benefits of faster cure and increased flexibility.

To learn more about NX-9008, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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Beautiful floors with Cardolite products

FEB 23, 2017 – Beautiful Floors, Now Faster with UL 2009H

Cardolite is introducing Ultra LITE 2009H, a new epoxy curing agent with very fast hardness development for projects that require quick turnaround. Ultra LITE 2009H retains the excellent properties of Ultra LITE 2009, but provides faster cure and hardness buildup at ambient and lower temperature conditions. As a result, epoxy coatings based on Ultra LITE 2009H offer early walk-on times even under unfavorable weather conditions.

Ultra LITE 2009H is very light in color (Gardner 1) and suitable for use in clears and pigmented formulations of all hues and shades. The excellent yellowing resistance and gloss retention of this product make it ideal for use in top coats where initial and long-term appearances are important. Formulators will experience good latitude incorporating Ultra LITE 2009H in their systems due to the very low viscosity, good leveling properties, and package-friendly mix ratio (95 AHEW) of this curing agent. Moreover, the advantages of coatings formulated with Ultra LITE 2009H go beyond aesthetics as this product also delivers very good resistance to moisture, water and chemical spills for long-lasting floors.

To learn more about Ultra LITE 2009H, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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Our curing agents deliver excellent performance to offshore and marine epoxy protective coatings

New LITE 3025 Phenalkamide for Heavy Duty Coatings and Industrial Adhesives

LITE 3025 is a solvent free phenalkamide for cost-effective, medium and high solids heavy duty epoxy coatings. This new curing agent was specially designed to protect surfaces from highly corrosive environments and harsh atmospheric conditions. When used in protective coating formulations, this product offers similar properties to medium molecular weight polyamides, but with the additional benefits typical of cashew technology.

Compared to commonly used solvent free polyamides, LITE 3025 provides faster cure and hardness development, especially at lower temperatures. This widens the coating application window and allows for early recoat in temperatures as low as 5°C. Maintenance and OEM coating applications in particular can benefit from these potential productivity gains. LITE 3025’s excellent anticorrosive and mechanical properties combined with good adhesion to various substrates result in long lasting primers suitable for many industrial applications. Good color and gloss stability extend the use of LITE 3025 to epoxy topcoats and direct-to-metal coatings.

In a world where project budgets continue to get trimmed, but performance expectations remain high, LITE 3025 is a great tool for paint manufacturers due to its versatility and high performance at a competitive cost. Furthermore, LITE 3025 can be easily “dropped in” to existing epoxy formulations to avoid the time and costs associated with reformulation.

Beyond just coatings, LITE 3025 is an excellent product for industrial epoxy adhesives providing high bond strength, high Tg, and outstanding durability.

To learn more specifics about LITE 3025, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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Waterborne technology with CNSL derivatives

NX-8101 – The First CNSL Curing Agent for Waterborne Epoxies

Cardolite is introducing NX-8101, the first CNSL curing agent for waterborne epoxy coatings. NX-8101 is designed for cost effective water-based primers and self-levelers for concrete and metal applications that require quick return to service, excellent adhesion to substrates and top coats, and superior durability. This new low odor epoxy curing agent is supplied in water and does not contain or require any solvents in the formulation to deliver excellent performance.

NX-8101 offers wide formulation latitude. Coatings based on NX-8101 can be pigmented on both amine and epoxy sides, do not demand emulsifiers, and are easily reducible in water. The lower admix viscosity permits higher filler loading, which results in lower cost systems.

Primers and self-levelers formulated with NX-8101 exhibit fast cure, early walk-on hardness, and excellent film appearance at extreme conditions such as 10°C and 80% relative humidity while still maintaining a workable pot life. Unlike many water-based systems, NX-8101 provides a visible end of pot life by a noticeable increase in viscosity. Moreover, NX-8101 based coatings have excellent adhesion to dry and wet concrete and various metals, providing excellent corrosion protection and good stain resistance to household and industrial chemicals.

To learn more specifics about NX-8101, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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..Ultra LITE 2009 – Beautiful floors for many years to come!

Cardolite continues to pioneer the development of CNSL based materials with properties that were once unimaginable. Ultra LITE 2009 is the first phenalkamine in the market with Gardner color ≤ 1, ideal for floor top coats of all hues and shades. This curing agent is very low viscosity for use in low emission coatings that provide protection, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Ultra LITE 2009 is formulation-friendly with non-critical use levels, 95 AHEW to enable traditional packaging ratios, and excellent compatibility with different types of epoxy resins.

Coatings based on Ultra LITE 2009 have excellent UV resistance providing good color and gloss retention even when exposed to harsh environments. Contractors can apply Ultra LITE 2009 products under high humidity and low temperature conditions and still deliver a beautiful floor coating with outstanding adhesion to concrete and primers. Ultra LITE 2009 delivers long-lasting floors resistant to moisture, water and chemicals soon after installation. Moreover, formulators can take advantage of Ultra LITE 2009’s good self-leveling properties to reduce the number of coating layers required in a project or to use the same curing agent for the self-leveler and top coat.

To learn more specifics about Ultra LITE 2009, please see technical data sheet. Please also register for this site or contact your local Cardolite representative for additional information or to request samples for evaluation.

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